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Due to popular demand we have now incorporated all our best selling weight loss downloads into one collection. The Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss Ultimate Collection contains four mp3 downloads which have been created to help you manage four of the biggest problems that dieters face. In particular getting into a weight loss mindset, emotional eating, food cravings and portion control.

self hypnosis for weight loss the ultimate collection


To use our self hypnosis for weight loss program we recommend that you start by using our Weight Loss Mindset mp3 download to help you to focus on your healthy eating goals. This audio has been designed to help boost motivation and willpower and to keep you on track with your weight loss goals.*

When you feel that you are ready to progress to the next stage then you can start to use our Portion Control Hypnosis Download. This audio helps you to eat less by using mindfulness to trick your brain into feeling full more quickly. When you focus on your food without distraction it becomes simple for you to recognise the messages your stomach is giving you about whether it is full or hungry. Even better using this method does not involve any deprivation diets.*

Next why no try our Kill The Cravings Download which helps you to resist foods which you may be eating when you are not hungry. By listening to the subconscious suggestions on the audio as well as practicing the techniques we give you it is possible to boost your willpower and resist those unhealthy foods more easily.*

Lastly our Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download can help you if you find that you tend to eat emotionally or for comfort. Many people use food as a way of coping with emotions such as stress, anxiety or upset rather than dealing with the underlying problem. This audio can help you to recognise some of your triggers and guide you to alternative methods of coping with your problems.

We also have a five set audio download program which includes a Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Download of a virtual operation to trick your subconscious into thinking you have had a gastric band fitted. This can also be purchased in our online store.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Download


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