Hypnotherapy for Confidence Lincoln

Hypnotherapy for Confidence LincolnConfidence Hypnosis Lincolnshire

At Balance Hypnosis we are experts in helping our clients to boost their confidence and self-esteem. It does not matter whether you have a small issue with confidence or a life long problem as hypnosis and confidence coaching can help to make a difference. We know that a lack of confidence can have a significant impact on your life and create problems with work, relationships and your social life. Our Hypnotherapy for Confidence Lincoln is designed to gently move you out of your current comfort zone so that you can make a start on reaching for goals which previously may have seemed impossible to achieve*

We work with our clients for all kinds of confidence related issues and here are just some of the common areas that we regularly see:

  • Confidence boosting for Driving
  • Overcoming fears of being embarrassed or being judged
  • Career confidence coaching
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Social Phobias
  • Interview nerves
  • Public speaking fears
  • Confidence in relationships
  • Exam nerves

Confidence building is one of the more popular areas that we use for suggestion hypnosis. Just about every client we see needs a little help with confidence for example the belief that they can lose weight or get that job. By retraining the way your mind thinks it is possible to overcome old outdated patterns of thinking and instill new positive beliefs.*

Hypnotherapy, Confidence and Self Esteem

At one point in your life you had all the confidence that you needed. You believed that you could walk anywhere, speak to anyone and do anything. Have a look at a small child and you will see that they are happy to explore and try new things all the time. As we get older however obstacles are placed in our way, we get told off for doing things or we embarrass ourselves and a part of our mind decides that it is safer to stay in your comfort zone. The more you worry about doing things outside of this zone the larger your anxiety about trying new things becomes. Eventually in severe cases people with low confidence will suffer from panic attacks at the thought of doing something that they fear. Our Hypnotherapy for Confidence in Lincoln is designed to assist you to overcome the anxiety and fight the fear. Once you begin to challenge yourself the old worries tend to fade away.*

Confidence and Motivation Hypnosis

We usually place our clients on a four session program to start the process of overcoming the anxiety. This allows us time to challenge any old unhelpful patterns and begin to replace them with new strategies and behaviours. Our work is usually a combination of hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Coaching, Suggestion and analytical work. Hypnosis is the perfect place to begin this process as it allows you to practice new behaviours under the safety of hypnosis. before trying them in the real world.*

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Self Hypnosis for Confidence

Although we see clients for hypnosis in Lincoln as well as on Skype and Facetime we also have a number of hypnosis downloads in our online shop which may help you with self hypnosis for confidence. We have audios to help you challenge anxiety, overcome driving fears and to help you with public speaking. We also have a general confidence audio which gives subconscious messages for change.*

Self Confidence mp3 DownloadBoost Confidence mp3 Download

Boost Your Confidence With Hypnosis

We have hypnosis clinics near Lincoln which have are program which can help you to make the changes you need to become a more confident person. We can assist you to:

  • Boost your confidence and self esteem
  • Remove negative thought patterns
  • Learn to control worrying
  • Stop thinking about what others are doing or saying
  • Take back control over your fears
  • Learn to manage any anxiety
  • Stop procrastination and feel motivated to change*

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Disclaimer*Therapy requires input from both the client and the therapist which means we are unable to offer treatment guarantees. Results will vary from person to person.