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Anxiety can be frightening, leave you feeling on edge and worried that something bad is going to happen at any moment . When you suffer from Anxiety it can impact your entire well-being and prevent you from working, enjoying relationships and sleeping. If you are experiencing extreme anxiety you may also have panic attacks which stop you in your tracks and make you feel as if you are dying or having a heart attack. We offer Anxiety Help in Lincoln to assist our clients to take back control over their worries and fears. Even better all our treatments are entirely natural and use the power of hypnosis, relaxation and visualisation to assist you in bringing about positive changes to the way that you feel.

Our Anxiety hypnosis can be used to assist all forms of anxiety including GAD, feelings of panic, OCD and Fears and Phobias such as flying and public speaking.

If you have a problem with anxiety why not read our 5 step report which can help you to manage your anxiety.


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What Type of Anxiety Do You Have?

Although many of our clients think of anxiety as one condition there are in fact 6 different forms of anxiety disorder. Depending on what form of anxiety you have the treatment plans will need to be adjusted to get the best results. Simple fears and phobias are usually the easiest to treat and involve only a few sessions of anxiety hypnosis whilst problems such as OCD usually require more in depth therapy. Our Anxiety Help in Lincoln can assist you with all major forms of the disorder.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

With this form of the disorder you may be feeling on edge or worried every day. In many cases there may be no obvious reason for you experiencing problems which is why the anxiety can feel so worrying. With our help it is usually possible to identify where the problem is coming from so that you can start to take back control.*


When a person has a phobia they have an irrational fear of a situation or an object that creates panic. Usually one or two situations may create these intense feelings whilst for the rest of the time the person feels absolutely fine. Examples of common phobias include fear of spiders or animals such as dogs or birds however we also treat more unusual phobias such as a fear of trees or rain. Usually systematic desensitisation combined with hypnosis is a great way of overcoming a phobia in a relatively short time.*


Although many people say they are a little bit OCD when they line up products on their shelves or like a clean house this is not the case. A real OCD sufferer experiences an intense need to conduct a certain behaviour over and over again to rid themselves of anxiety. For example they may check that a door is locked ten or twenty times and find it difficult to relax as part of their mind makes them anxious that it may still be unlocked. When OCD takes charge it can be difficult to conduct a normal life because of the compulsion to repeat a behaviour again and again. Hypnosis can be used to help teach relaxation so that the anxiety response is lessened. This is combined with challenging the behaviour so that the periods between checking, washing or cleaning are reduced. Over time the aim is to make the problem more and more manageable until it stops.

Social Anxiety 

If you a person who finds it difficult to mingle with others especially at parties or in public situations then you may suffer from social anxiety. This problem usually starts in childhood after an embarrassing incident or a public humiliation. A part of your mind tries to help you by getting you to avoid similar situations in the future but this just creates anxiety. The more you choose to avoid the situations which you consider troublesome the worse the anxiety becomes. We help our clients to increase their confidence levels and challenge themselves so that they can overcome their unfounded fears.

Panic Disorder

Usually by this stage your anxiety will have become too much and be leading to regular panic attacks. When you experience a panic attacks it can feel as if you are dying as your heart will be beating rapidly and you may find it difficult to catch your breath. Many of our clients have called an ambulance when they have these feelings because they are so scared and unaware of what is happening.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a form of anxiety which usually surfaces after someone has undergone a traumatic event. This event seems to replay itself over and over again in the persons mind to the point where they suffer from flashbacks. Although PTSD is often associated with soldiers returning from war zones it can also occur after car crashes, rapes or even medical procedures. Hypnosis and NLP can be used to change this thought process and sometimes we will also recommend that our clients attend sessions of EMDR which is a known treatment for this problem.

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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

I have included a list of anxiety symptoms which you may experience if you have the disorder. Our Anxiety Help in Lincoln is designed to help manage these problems. Although many are physical symptoms there is a strong connection between the body and the mind. This means if you are able to calm down the mind the physical problems tend to disappear. If you are experiencing severe symptoms we would always get a diagnosis of anxiety from your doctor before we proceed as in some cases there may be an underlying medical problem.*

  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Nausea/Feeling Sick
  • Disturbed Sleeping Patterns
  • Muscle aches and tension
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Feeling something bad is about to happen
  • Blushing, stuttering, sweating
  • Finding it difficult to catch your breath

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

When we begin a series of sessions with our clients we like to do an assessment to get an overall view of the problem. We will ask you a series of questions related to your lifestyle and relationships such as whether you have fears or phobias, suffer from depression or have any immediate problems which need to be addressed. Generally stress is behind many of the problems that we see with anxiety so identifying your sources of stress is our number one priority to we can implement ways to manage the problems. As we use hypnosis which has a calm, relaxing and soothing impact it is a great stress management tool on its own even without any therapy.*

Even if you are consciously unable to pinpoint where your stress is coming from we can usually identify the problem when you are very relaxed under hypnosis. Usually we begin this process on session two or three. When the source of the stress is identified it becomes much easier to deal with the issue at hand.

Our Anxiety Help in Lincoln can be used to:

  • Manage Stress
  • Assist with phobias and fears
  • Help a fear of flying
  • Help a fear of public speaking
  • Manage stage fright
  • Assist with worries or nerves before medical procedures or operations
  • Manage panic attacks
  • Lessen OCD symptoms
  • Overcome Social phobias
  • Help with emetophobia/fear of being sick
  • Driving nerves
  • Calm a fear of spiders

There are hundreds of named phobias and fears so even if you do not see yours on the list we should be able to help.*

Anxiety Programs To Use at Home

Although we prefer to work with our clients on a one to one basis at our clinics or online we do have a hypnosis download program which you can use at home to help manage anxiety. This audio program consists of five mp3 downloads which tackle some of the major aspects of anxiety including worrying, negative thinking, panic, GAD, sleep problems and stress management with relaxation. You can purchase this audio download online today.

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*Please note as this is a form of therapy we are unable to offer any guarantees and results may vary from person to person.