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Have you tried to stop smoking and found that each time you have ended up going back to cigarettes? When you tried to quit did the cravings become too much so that you gave in and went back to the habit? Are you currently using stop smoking medication or vaping but finding that neither have solved your problem. If so then our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Lincoln sessions have been designed to help you stop the habit, reduce withdrawal cravings and manage the side effect of weight gain.*

Increase Motivation and Willpower to Quit Smoking

Every smoker knows that the habit could kill them. They are aware that they could die early, leave their family without a mother/husband. They know that they could get cancer, have breathing problems, have yellow teeth and fingers and yet they continue to smoke. Contrary to popular belief you are not addicted to the cigarettes or nicotine but you have created an incredibly bad habit with powerful associations that needs to be broken. We work with you to change the way you approach your habit so that you can create new more useful associations to replace your negative behaviours.*

Two Sessions of Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Lincoln is usually split into two one hour sessions which are held roughly one week apart. During your first session we will be working with you to change your habit with the aim of reducing your cigarettes intake to at least half of what you are already smoking. This session will include powerful hypnosis suggestions to boost willpower and to make you dislike the cigarettes more.*

One week later when you return we can assess how the stop smoking session went. For clients who have halved their intake we proceed to the full stop smoking session where we help you to say goodbye to your old habit. If however you are experiencing difficultly with the process then this session explores whether you have another subconscious reason for need to continue your habit. For example stress, anxiety, boredom, the need for breaks at work or smoking to stay thin are common problems we see. Once we have identified the issue that is holding you back the session will concentrate on finding ways for you to alter those subconscious thought patterns so you are more likely to quit.*

Free Stop Smoking Hypnosis Download

Every client who comes to see us receives a free stop smoking hypnosis download after their session which can be used to maintain focus and manage any cravings. For clients who are unable to travel to our clinics or who would like to try self hypnosis to quit smoking this audio download can be purchased in our online store.*

Stop Smoking Weed/Marijuana

We also use a similar two step process to help clients who would like to stop smoking weed in Lincoln. These sessions usually include stress reduction and motivation work. For further details give us a call.

Arranging Your Stop Smoking Sessions

If you want to arrange a Quit Smoking Hypnosis Lincoln program then call us today to arrange your appointment or speak to a clinical hypnotherapist on:

*Disclaimer: Please note as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person