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One of the most common fears or phobias that we deal with in our clinics is a phobia or fear of flying. Our clients may worry about getting into a plane, the turbulence when they are on a flight or having a panic attack in front of other passengers on a plane. In recent history traveling by plane was rare but now in the era of cheap flights it is possible to travel almost anywhere in the world. Yet if you suffer from a fear of flying these wonderful holidays may fill you with dread. Instead you confine yourself to local trips within the UK or places where you can drive. If you travel for business the issue becomes more problematic as it directly starts to impact your job. Our Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy in Lincoln is designed to help you regain control over these fears so that you can travel with ease.*

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Flying Phobia

All fears and phobias involve irrational thoughts or actions. You may believe that the plane is going to fall our of the sky when in fact statistically flying is one of the safest forms of transport in the world. Perhaps you feel that you are going to make a fool of yourself in front of others by having a panic attack but again if we teach you how to feel relaxed and calm then this reaction will not happen. Flying anxieties can feel debilitating but with professional help they can be overcome without the need for medication from your doctor or the need for alcohol to calm your nerves before a flight. *

At Balance hypnosis Lincoln we are experts in helping our clients overcome fears, phobias and anxiety. When we are anxious or on edge it can be difficult to think calmly or rationally. This is beFear of flying hypnotherapy lincolncause a part of your mind is telling you that there is danger and that you need to be alert. Your mind is actually incredibly logical and it is warning you about flying for a reason. Our therapists are aware that this reason may not always be directly linked to flying. Perhaps your mind is fearful of getting into a small space because if feels trapped and thinks there is no way out. Or maybe you suffer from anxieties anyway and have had a panic attack in front of people before and it worries that you will do it again. The subconscious therefore tries to stop the same thing happening again. Without understanding the underlying reason for the problem it can be difficult to get help to resolve the problem. This is where our Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy in Lincoln can help as we are usually able to find the root causes of a problem so that the problem can be managed.*

It is also important to understand that trying to avoid flying will always make the anxiety worse. This is because you have now told a part of your mind that there was a real danger so when it thinks about flying again it will now seem much much worse. We often work with our clients to mentally rehearse a flight in the safety and comfort of hypnosis so that they feel calmer and more in control. This makes it much easier for them to step into an airplane and not feel intense fear or anxiety.*

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

During your Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy sessions we will be working with you to over your anxiety and to establish the triggers for your particular problem. All our sessions are held in an extremely calm and relaxing environment so that you can start the process of retraining your mind. We help you do this through a combination of hypnosis, NLP, Coachng and Mindfulness. We also use analytical hypnosis where needed to establish the root causes of a problem. Some of the most common that we see include:
Learned Behaviours from Parents or Friends
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety (Fear of being judged by others)
Issues with Control
A worry about not being able to escape a situation.

Fear of Flying mp3 Download

All clients who come to see us at our clinics receive our free Overcome a Fear of Flying mp3 download which can be used in conjunction to our sessions. This audio can be used on its own if you want to try self hypnosis for a Fear of Flying and can be purchased in our online store today.

Fear of Flying mp3 downloadFear of flying mp3 Download

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