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Hypnotherapy Insomnia LincolnInsomnia Hypnosis Lincolnshire

If you have problems with insomnia then you may have tried everything to get a good nights sleep. Typically our clients will have used sleeping pills, herbal remedies, going to bed earlier and all other manner of tactics without success because they are unable to switch their mind off from their worries Our Hypnotherapy for Insomnia Lincoln works differently from all the other remedies on the market as it tackles the underlying cause of the problem.

Sleeping Tablets Are Not the Solution

Every doctor now knows that sleeping tablets do not work for insomnia in the long term. In fact most doctors will now only prescribe sleeping tablets for a very short time period because they have been linked with increased death rates. Sleeping tablets should be used only under strict medical supervision. We believe that in the vast majority of cases sleeping medication is not required to cure insomnia. Instead natural remedies for insomnia such as hypnosis can be hugely powerful by teaching you to switch off the mind and relax.*

Stress and Anxiety and Sleep

We know from our Hypnosis for Insomnia Lincoln that most of our clients who suffer from sleeping problems have emotional issues that may need to be addressed. That means that they may be feeling anxious, worried, stressed or have a conflict which is preventing them from switching off. When their heads hit the pillow they can’t stop the internal dialogue in their mind and they find themselves lying wide awake and unable to sleep.

Even worse once a person has missed a few nights sleep they become tired, irrational and on edge. They now go to bed and start to worry about not sleeping. The more they focus on this worry the worse their sleeping becomes leading to chronic insomnia.

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Hypnosis for Sleep

The good news is that with help it is possible to quieten the mind and drift off to sleep using entirely natural methods. We work with our clients to teach them deep relaxation techniques which can help the subconscious to eliminate any anxiety or stress. Our hypnotherapy for Insomnia Lincoln also works with you to address any problems which you have through therapy. For the vast majority of our clients only two or three sessions are required before normal sleeping patterns are restored providing our sleep protocols are followed.

Self Hypnosis for sleep

If you are unable to come to our clinics or have sessions via Skype or Facetime then we sell a self hypnosis for sleep audio online. This sleep hypnosis download comes as an mp3 download file which you can use on devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phone in the comfort of your own surroundings. We also sell further audios for relaxation and anxiety reduction if needed which can help you with our problem areas linked to not sleeping.

Self Hypnosis for Sleep

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*Please note as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person