Hypnotherapy for Drinking Lincoln

Hypnosis for Drinking in Lincoln

Hypnosis for Drinking Lincoln

Our Hypnotherapy for Drinking in Lincoln is based around a four session program to help our clients reduce their need to drink and to increase their motivation and willpower when they are around alcohol. This program can be used if you feel that you are a binge drinker, use alcohol to manage stress or if you feel that your habit is getting out of control. During our sessions we work with you to address the reasons for your problem and help you find new and healthier ways of behaving. Alcohol hypnosis is a great way of assisting you to examine and manage areas in your life which may be impacting your health. If you would are interested in our four part program then we are always happy to talk with you before booking. Simply arrange a totally free telephone consultation today and we will be happy to talk with you about our therapy.*

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Do You Have a Problem with Alcohol?

We have outlined some of the common issues that our clients come to see us for. If you are experiencing one or a number of the following then you may need help to manage your drinking.

  • Regular drinking to manage stress
  • Drinking alone and hiding your drinking from those around you
  • Going our and drinking to excess (binge drinking)
  • Drinking by yourself
  • Problems with mood alterations due to drinking
  • Being unable to remember nights when you have drunk too much
  • Feeling hungover regularly
  • Experiencing problems at home and at work because of your drinking

Expert Hypnosis for Drinking Help

During our four session Hypnotherapy for Drinking Lincoln program we are working with you to take back control over your habit. Our first session is usually spent doing an assessment to examine the extent of your problem and to see if other problems such as stress, relationships, depression or work issues may be increasing the problem. We also we conduct some suggestion hypnosis using deep relaxation techniques during this session.  Following your first session you will be sent an Hypnosis for drinking mp3 download to listen to between your sessions.*

Our following sessions tend to involve more analytical hypnosis to determine the root cause of your drinking problem. We also use confidence building techniques to increase your willpower and motivation to make healthier lifestyle choices. Some of our clients will work towards never drinking again whilst others may be happy to find a way to lessen the amount they drink each week. As well as conducting sessions at our hypnosis clinic near Lincoln we also offer therapy via Skype or Facetime.*

Self Hypnosis for Alcohol Reduction

Although all our clients receive a free self hypnosis for drinking audio to use at home this program can also be purchased in our online store if you are unable to attend sessions.

Drink Less Alcohol mp3self hypnosis for drinking

Alcohol Hypnosis Treatment

Without addressing the underlying cause of a problem the odds of making significant changes are lessened. This is why our four session alcohol reduction program is aimed at working with you to assess the reasons for your drinking. We are experts in helping clients who need anxiety and stress management as well as help with depression and confidence problems. When the root cause of a problem is managed it becomes so much easier for the other behaviours and habits surrounding the problem so change.*

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.